Tips for New Caregivers

There are many different reasons someone might find themselves in the position to be a caregiver for a family member or loved one. Here is advice for those who find themselves in this role.

  • Ask for help. There are often charitable resources such as churches that will help with caregiving if you don’t have the money to hire someone.
  • Find support groups online. There are message boards and networks where you can find advice and answers to questions.
  • Find in-person support groups. Ask your doctor, or call your local hospital to see if any exist in your area.
  • The Altzheimer’s Association has a lot of great online resources.
  • Make time for yourself. This may be a difficult task when you are a sole caregiver, but it is important that you maintain your own interests as much as possible.
  • Make sure you are taking advantage of government resources such as Medicaid, Medicare and Veteran’s benefits.
  • Be honest with yourself. If there is a point where you are not able to give your loved one the long-term care that they need, you may need to look into a nursing home or assisted living facility.