How to Lose Body Fat After 50

Guest article by Jeannine Jubeck of

Yes, you can lose body fat after 50.  The question is, how? Many of us over 50 suddenly struggle to lose weight.  What used to be a matter of just eating less for a few days no longer works. Here are five easy changes you can make to see quick results.

  1. Move more – Sure, you may go to the gym and tear it up for 60 minutes, but what do you do for the remaining hours of the day?  Many of us have sedentary jobs. Bring a pair of sneakers to work, and lace them up for a 30-minute walk. You’ll have an increase in energy for the rest of the afternoon and you will stretch out the tight muscles you get from sitting for several hours.
  2. Get rid of the “junk” in your cabinets home – If it’s not there you can’t eat it right?  Keep as many whole foods as possible around. Fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, natural peanut butter, Greek yogurt and eggs.  
  3. Drink more water – Half your bodyweight in ounces.  Drink 30 minutes before each meal. Not only will this fill you up a bit, it also means you are drinking less soda, sweet tea and alcohol.  All of which are huge contributors to obesity.
  4. Weight train – Gain more muscle, speed up your metabolism, lose fat and burn more calories.  Not only that, you will have more energy and be able to handle every day tasks without injuring yourself.
  5. Plan your meals – We all know what it’s like.  We’re busy. We have a few quick minutes during the day to eat, whether at work or at home.  Cook some lean proteins on Sunday–fish, chicken, pork loin, use canned tuna and cook up some veggies.  All you need to do for lunch during the week is throw together some veggies and a protein and you have a healthy lunch.  No more ordering in from the local hoagie shop or picking up something at a fast food joint.

Weight loss is a lifestyle change.  It’s not a matter of doing a cleanse for a week, or cutting out entire food groups.  Weight loss takes effort. Common sense changes-consistent exercise and nutrition are what really help to keep the weight off long term!